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Regarding earl out of Douglas, which hitched Margaret, child out-of Robert III

Rankine, the fresh new youngest child, is “commonlie called from Abercorn,” states the fresh ‘Historie,’ “not too he had such places inside heritage, for this doth never ever arrive from the historie nor apparent you to actually arrived at my personal give, regardless of of your prominent community thairanent, being centered thair just like the bailiffe and you may a frontrunner manager lower than his lord, the earle out-of Duglass, having fees away from their men thair throughout his noble atchiefements.” He “flower to no suggest value, lay, and electricity, which is believed to have hit so you can highest property for the Stirlingshire contained in this Abercorn, the newest Carses Calder and other urban centers surrounding where the guy together with compensated divers from their surname and members of the family.” He had been an energetic and you will stirring enemy regarding Sir Alexander Livingstone off Calender, protector of younger king, James II., one of the dominant enemies of your own earl away from Douglas.

Rankine’s grandson enough time held out of the palace out of Abercorn on the Douglases, and you may try slain whether or not it are stormed, while the stamina of these high nearest and dearest overthrown.

He age Kennedy, child of your own knight out of Dunure, ancestor of your ed Robert. He is said by author of the new ‘Historie’ to possess “died inside battell up against Ingland, 1426.” Brand new date is actually obviously completely wrong, having, as publisher opinions from inside the an email, “Nothing at this moment of the nature gay american dating in Los Angeles represents brand new time 1426. The action alluded to would be to come to be known the fight off Sark, 1448; just in case so, we have to lay Archibald, which fell, just after an excellent Robert, most likely their cousin, and you may both sons out-of an enthusiastic Archibald.”

Their nephew, Andrew Stewart, exactly who after succeeded towards house out of Evandale, is made a fellow by the same label

Inside a charter out-of “George Fullertoun, lord out-of Corsbie,” from inside the 1430, Robert More of Rowallan was designated sheriff depute, it is realized regarding Ayrshire. He is supposed to was succeeded because of the a son or sibling titled Archibald, father of some other Robert “whom frequented brand new court regarding minoritie out-of Queen James the newest Third.

He had been ane kid black colored hared and of ane budge highest prominence, ergo, commonlie called ‘new Rud out of Rowallane.’” This new epithet ‘Rud’ try told me into the an email so you can imply of good stature and you will stamina, “one with ‘a back due to the fact braid since a barn-door,’ and which, as well as their bodily ability, comes with this new preference to possess an effective arena.”

This new ‘Historie’ doesn’t promote a account of the strong personage, ‘the fresh Rud from Rowallan,’ nor of his partner often. “The new queen, within his bearne direct proponed to help you round which have your, and as the guy offered swa to help you doe dang away their attention on the spang away from ane cockle cover. He had been a man reguarded maybe not brand new really of his home, however in following the legal, and being not fit because of it, waisted, sold, and you may wadset every their best countries out-of Rowallane, whilk ple to all his posteritie.

The guy hitched Margerie Newfound, daughter into laird from Michaelhill throughout the Merse; ane drunken woman, and you can ane waistor boy, what generated following so it domestic to stand however the grace regarding Jesus?” The ‘Rud from Rowallan’ passed away into the 1504. He’d four sons and you will a girl.

Your family off Polkellie, sprung from him, proceeded for pretty much 150 ages, whenever Mure, the final of the house, direct, this lady whole heredity arrived to fingers of this family unit members

John, their earliest guy, hitched “Age Stewart, girl to the first Lord Evandale,” says brand new ‘Historie,’ “whoever mommy was child to your earle off Crawfurd, called Earle Beardie.” The first Lord Evandale, who was the fresh guy out of Lord James Stewart, kid regarding Murdoch, duke of Albany, of royal home out of Stewart, died in place of thing inside the 1488. The guy kept numerous sons and you will daughters, and you may Age Stewart, which hitched John Mure out-of Rowallan, should have started among latter, although not mentioned very on the published histories.