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HouChi today believes the one QingMu loves was ShangGu, perhaps not HouChi

GuJun tells HouChi about precisely how the guy discovered part of ShangGu’s soul/heart, and you will nurtured it for a long time, up until HouChi was created

QingMu shows up toward thought of cleaning GuJun’s firearms place so you’re able to persuade GuJun he is really serious the new wedding. At first, GuJun try pleased with the newest brush firearms, but shortly after watching QingMu, the guy storms from.

[Ep 30] GuJun is actually more sluggish heating-up in order to QingMu, and you can takes your meal you to QingMu generated. (he seems definitely overflowing) However, the guy however doesn’t commit to the marriage

BoXuan is cut back to QingChi palace, but he could be nevertheless sleeping due to injuries

One section is also good, it had to be sealed. HouChi got the girl soul boats sealed as, prior to ShangGu passed away, she need you to definitely in her own second existence, she would not be a jesus. Very HouChi is an effective lowly immortal that have pent-up energies. ( Ouch, it hurts reading that you are not whom you really are )

When expected and therefore spirit he’d choose: ShangGu or QingMu, QingMu instantly will get a barrage off BaiJue’s thoughts, their sight turn purple, in which he informs HouChi you to definitely she can’t damage ShangGu. HouChi seems betrayed. QingMu has already been suspecting that he’s BaiJue.

[Ep thirty two] JingYang plus the almost every other guy from the Demon tribe start fighting, and flame rains upon brand new people. HouChi creates a buffer to prevent they.

QingMu would go to score ZhiYang’s Dual Spear. However, flames hits him, and you will QingMu’s vision turn purple, which means that their demon time took power over your. He’s BaiJue once again! The guy and observes BoXuan’s body from inside the good coffin.

HouChi concludes the brand new Devil and you can Heavenly world off fighting, but WuHuan is also truth be told there, and you will claims that she colluded towards the demons. TianQi is additionally truth be told there. However, all of our QingMu will there be, and you can conserves your day together with TaiCang Spear and ZhiYang’s Twin Spear.

HouChi asks ZiYue to cease attacking to your Immortal World and you will crack the fresh secure for her spiritual vessels. QingMu along with happens, but HouChi pushes him out.

[Ep 33] QingMu must give the Dual Spear on the Eden Palace within three days or else QingChi castle are certain to get trouble on Beautiful Castle.

BoXuan are in North-sea. HouChi, QingMu, and you can ZiYue all go indeed there. There’s a secret door that has been from when the true Gods are real time, (that needs to be all challenging to split) but QingMu opens up they easily. There clearly was a really solid burden related BoXuan, and you can QingMu holidays they for the TaiCang Spear. A fantastic orb drifts of BoXuan to help you QingMu’s lead, he or she is starting to getting BaiJue in a way.

GuJun tells QingMu whenever BoXuan wakes up, QingMu will recede/turn into BaiJue. GuJun suspects you to definitely WuHuan murdered YueMi, maybe not TianQi. GuJun attempts to persuade MuGuang that WuHuan must not be leading.

HouChi has to 3 unique things to conserve and you may awaken BoXuan, starting with a tower. She and additionally puts a buffer towards QingMu to ensure that the guy would not choose for the woman.

This new protector saw you to definitely she conserved a lot of people whenever there is certainly flame pouring down on him or her. New protector lets their make the tower, on account of the lady a great will.

QingMu would go to the newest Beautiful Palace to obtain https://datingmentor.org/professional-dating/ the history item. not, immediately following he had the thing, he had been surrounded by troops in the palace.

They both show up in front of MuGuang and you will WuHuan. HouChi comes and you will says to every person what WuHuan did. WuHuan and you will HouChi initiate fighting, and you may WuHuan demonstrates one she got the brand new Dual Spear that with it as she was about to reduce. MuGuang punished WuHuan through the woman visit the Nether Business to possess 100 years. However, the fresh guardian of tower colluded that have JingYang, and you may mentioned that HouChi stole the fresh new tower, regardless of if he FREAKING Offered It To Her Voluntarily.