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Challenge Hook Up Hall of Fame Part 2: The Next 9

I did this on Thursday where I revealed the “Elite 9” when it comes to Challenge hookups. What is considered for this are Quality and Quantity. Nothing from Real World/Road Rules/AYTO will be acknowledged. Because of that, Zach is not on here as he only has two total Challenge hookups.

Before the Challenge Dirty 30 premiered, I put out an article linking every person’s career hookups. It got over 11,000…

Someone who was highly considered for Tier 1, though Mean Girl Veronica made it over her. There’s a ton of speculation for who she has hooked up with on the guys side. It’s rumored that she’s hooked up with Evan, Mark, and Darrell (on Road Rules). The only one that seems a bit more substantive is Evan. She was part of the Veronica-Abram-Rachel trio on the Gauntlet, hooked up with Jenn Grijalva on the Island and Duel 2. Aneesa isn’t the most impressive feat, but it adds to her stats.

A person that people were wondering why he was left off Tier 1. The simple answer is that he barely missed the cut. I viewed the top 9 as in a league of their own, with Derrick and Rachel being able to anchor the top of Tier 2.

Derrick has had interesting hookups during his time on the Challenge. On the Duel 1 he hooked up with Robin and Jodi despite his short stay on the season. He gets docked a few points as Evan had the first chance at them on the season. During Fresh Meat 1, his love affair with partner Diem was one of the touching moments. Their bond was always so strong. For that moment when Diem took off her wig on the Duel 1, it’s known as a CT moment. Underrated is that Derrick is the first to reply with a yelling cat call of how good she looked.

Throw in hookups with Tonya, and then maybe Casey Cooper and Jenn Grijalva, Derrick has a great list. Hoping he gets dirty this season!

She prefers to be known as the puzzle master, but in her heyday, Sarah was quite the flirt on these shows. Sarah has some studs and some real duds. She’s known for Kenny and Jordan, two absolute challenge beasts whose egos of themselves are through the roof.

During Fresh Meat 2, she picked Vinny for his physical attributes to complement her brains. A day or two later they found themselves together between the sheets. On her first Challenge, the Ruins, Dunbar and Sarah spent a drunken night together where Dunbar reveals that he “scuba dives”. Worst part about it is that years later, Dunbar stole and ripped of Sarah’s story from when she was a kid at camp, and turned into his own children’s book.

Then you had her fling with Alton on Battle of the Seasons, and even she revealed that during Rivals 1 when the power went out, she may have spent time a good-looking man with dreads (Nehemiah). Sarah has Tier 1 numbers, the only issue is the duds holding her back.

The Challenge Hook Up Hall of Fame: Top 9

Mr. Beautiful had to make the list. He taught Bananas for later seasons about how to have sex off-camera. On his first Challenge, he had an early hookup with Tonya, then had some fun with his Fresh Meat mentor, Tina.

During the Island and the Ruins, he fooled around with Johanna. Their session on the beach shore of the Island is possibly the most famous hookup moment in Challenge history. Add Sarah and Laurel to his stats, and Kenny is an obvious stud.

In terms of the Challenge, Nany may be the most overrated person when it comes to hookups. Yes, she has a ton of hookups, but other girls have similar numbers. Nany’s edit only made her seem worse. On the actual show, on camera – Nany has 3 hookups. One was with Marlon at the end of an episode on Rivals 2, a super drunk hookup with Reilly on Free Agents, and with Cohutta on Free Agents (who she ended up having a relationship with).

Other people like Johnny Bananas where it was not filmed but possibly happened, she dated for a bit after her Real World season. She a type of relationship with CT between Rivals 2 and Free Agents. We are not counting Real World, so the Heather and Royer hookups are out the window.

One of the first older legends to make the list! The Road Ruler who is known for being a semi-famous stand-up comedian with his own podcast and Netflix special. As a Challenge competitor, Theo had his fair share of hookups. His famous one was his relationship with Sarah Greyson on the Gauntlet. It was the much more tame version of Cara/Abram on Cutthroat.

Fresh Meat 1 was his final Challenge where he had a fling with Linette, Shane’s tiny and beautiful partner. Other people on his list are Tonya and Kendal. He loved a good showmance.

In terms of quality, Laurel has some of the best hookups in Challenge history. She was very into her Fresh Meat partner, Kenny. They had a couple nights together. It was rumored that during a night on Rivals 1 that her and Evelyn shared a bathroom for a long time.

During Free Agents she fell for Jordan and they actually lived together for a bit after in New York. Today she in a relationship with Nicole Zanatta from Invasion. It’s weird, Laurel dates a ton of people from these shows. Laurel also follows the Paula trend of I will make out with any hot girl when drunk.

He’s at the top when it comes to quality. Jordan’s three hookups are Laurel, Jonna, and Sarah. Laurel is the most dominant female competitor, and he got with her during his second Challenge. He got with Sarah on his first Challenge, and they went on to win their first Challenge each together on Exes 2 a couple years later. Great investment by Jordan for future seasons.

Jonna is a smoke-show who he hooked up with on Rivals 2 after Sarah had to leave the show. There are a ton of rumors that surround Jordan, like if he hooked up with either Emily Schromm or Frank Sweeney, it only adds to this mystique.

Ending this with who I wrote about on Friday. Jonna has the prettiest eyes in Challenge history. She has four known hookups during her time on the Challenge, and they are pretty good.

On her second Challenge, Jonna hooked up with Zach Nichols and formed a relationship with him. He might be an asshole, but Zach is a physical Adonis that most people would die to get with. I mention above her hookup with Jordan Wiseley on Rivals 2. During the “shit they should have shown” of Free Agents, it was revealed that there was this whole in house relatonship between her and Isaac that flat out was not ever once acknowledged. When jealous of Zach, she hooked up with Jay on Exes 2. Not the best revenge move.