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Advanced Dyslexia & visual LEARNER SUPPORT TECHNIQUES

Specialised techniques are offered for use in Learner Support and Remedial contact sessions.

Target Group


Teachers in General Education including all pre-school teachers, foundation phase teachers, all primary school and high school teachers. It includes remedial therapists and educational therapists.

This course is a must for all teachers interested in, and involved in Learner Support, Dyslexic learners, and Visual learners.

This course is also ideal for 4th year Education Students.

The Course Comprises of 4 Modules

Module 1

Theory: 7 hours

o   Informal Evaluation Technique;

o   Focusing and Spatial Orientation Techniques;

o   Alphabet – letter recognition;

Practical: 4 hour 30 min

Module 2

Theory: 4 hours 45 min

o   Spelling & memorisation techniques;

o   Sight Words;

o   Pronunciation;

Practical: 1 hour 45 min

Module 3

Theory: 3 hours

  • Handwriting Skills;
  • Reading Technique;
  • Comprehension;
  • Fine-motor and gross-motor coordination exercises;

Practical: 2 hours

Module 4

Theory: 4 hours

  • Computer Software Programme;
  • Telling Time;
  • Assessment.

Certificate of Attendance:

In order to receive a certificate of attendance and ‘x’ amount of CPTD points, attendees are required to:

  • Attend all the required Modules.
  • Complete the required Practical exercises and submit the specified reports.
  • Complete the Assessment at the end of Module 4 and score at least 60%.

Included in the course price are all the equipment needed to present the Ultimate Learner Support.

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