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The problems within the Greece are designed to focus on the risk that encircled Alexander’s trip to help you China

To the eve from his climactic conflict having Darius, Alexander discovered of Greek possibility so you’re able to their buttocks. This is going to make their choice in order to strike out even greater toward Asia all the more dramatic, demonstrating you to definitely Alexander, even after securing the whole eastern Mediterranean for themselves, try ready to share everything you he previously into the a fight with Darius to your “lordship out of Asia.” This new fates regarding Alexander as well as the kingdom of your Persians carry out hang on the outcomes with the strategy.

Macedonia’s Blistering Wasteland March

The newest Macedonians up coming marched from Tyre having Thapsacus to the Euphrates Lake in the July, whenever temperature truth be told there average on the 120° F throughout the daytime. A great Persian cavalry force step three,100 strong under the order of one from their officers, Mazaeus, shadowed the brand new Macedonian armed forces. Darius surmised that steeped city of Babylon is Alexander’s objective and you may, accordingly, he brought Mazaeus to follow an effective scorched-planet coverage in hopes out of deterioration the brand new Macedonians before it showed up in order to grips into the head Persian army.

To make the journey to one grain Alexander could have must besiege them-out of the question because Darius is at higher which have an army

Darius without a doubt wished in order to therefore debilitate this new Macedonians that they would be easy sufferer toward well-offered Persian army he had employed over the past seasons. Likewise have try of important benefits towards profits otherwise failure of Alexander’s venture. By the time the guy achieved this new Euphrates River area, all cereals built in this new southern area and you can central regions do curently have come gathered and kept in municipal and you will temple granaries of your own highest and you will better-fortified cities. Also, uncultivated end in these section could have remained desertified and carry out not even provide fodder towards the horses.

But Alexander wouldn’t fall under Darius’s pitfall. Unlike pressing southern area to the Babylon, brand new Macedonians go off northeast across the Mesopotamian basic in which he you will more quickly offer their army. Mazaeus rode to Babylon on the reports away from Alexander’s unanticipated move. Darius upcoming chose to continue Alexander west of new Tigris. To take action however have to move their army most of the the way as much as north Mesopotamia ahead of Alexander you may reach the river and prevent their crossing. The Persians guessed you to definitely Alexander would try to get across at ford off Mosul, near by the brand new old Assyrian investment from Nineveh. If Alexander made an effort to cross someplace else, Mazaeus’s cavalry force were ohlala app to fight good delaying step until the chief armed forces found its way to support.

Alexander discovered this plan whenever multiple Persian scouts were seized. They shown the fresh Persian method therefore the size and you can products in the Persian armed forces. Alexander next went as an alternative towards ford on Abu Wajnam, farther north, and hit and you can crossed this new Tigris Lake. The brand new north of Mesopotamia considering way more in the form of provides into Macedonians versus down Euphrates Lake area, and so Alexander’s troops is remaining well-fed and you can healthy. Brand new towns and cities and communities of northern river valley was unfortified therefore the grain stored in her or him would have been simple to receive. Unfarmed section will be grassy because of the wetter environment opposed on southern area and you will central countries.

With the Macedonians now simply fifty miles distant, Darius had to changes their package again. An informed the guy seemingly have wished for would be to confront the new Macedonians on the ground good so you’re able to their own army. He sought after and found a bit of apartment terrain near the latest town of Gaugamela during the modern north Iraq. He had his engineers clear the space away from obstructions, plus had particular areas of it flattened to provide convenient direction to have his scythed chariots.